Applying for leave

Section: When you can take leave

When you can take leave

To be entitled to take leave, our records, as reported by your employer(s), must reflect that you have completed 8 years of qualifying service. Qualifying service is service as an eligible employee of one or more employers. It does not include certain absences such as unpaid or unauthorised leave.

There are exceptions to this timeframe when you cease to be an eligible employee due to redundancy, ill health or retirement.

You can check your entitlement date by:

Section: When employment changes

When employment changes

If you resign, you can access your leave entitlement if you have completed at least eight years of qualifying service as an eligible employee. If you have not yet accrued eight years of qualifying service, you will not be able to access your leave entitlement.

If your employment ceases due to redundancy and, at that time, you have at least six years’ qualifying service, you can ask your employer to pay you for your accrued leave entitlement. Refer to the Redundancy Fact Sheet for information about applying for leave under this circumstance.

If your employment ceases for other reasons, such as retirement (on or after age 60), ill health or death, other provisions exist to enable early access to your leave entitlement.

Section: Leave application and payment

Leave application and payment

The leave application and payment process is transacted through your current or most recent employer in the industry.

When you are entitled to long service leave and wish to apply, submit your completed leave application to your employer’s HR or payroll office.

If you are still working, use the In-service Application. If you are ceasing or have already ceased employment with that employer then use the Cessation Application.

Once approved, your employer will submit your leave application to us to verify that you are entitled to access your long service leave and that you have a sufficient long service leave balance to cover the period of leave you have applied for. Once verified, your employer will pay your approved leave through their payroll. Your employer can then apply for reimbursement from Coal LSL.

Employer no longer operational

If your most recent employer in the industry is no longer operational (e.g. has gone into liquidation), you can apply to Coal LSL to access your entitlement. Refer to the Employer Insolvency Fact Sheet for information about applying for leave under this circumstance.

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