Missing Service Review

If you believe your service history is missing periods of qualifying service, you can apply to have this matter assessed by Coal LSL. 

Depending on the period of qualifying service and your current service history record (as held by Coal LSL) different criteria must be met for eligibility to apply. Our Missing Service Fact Sheet provides an overview of eligibility to apply and the review process. 


If you've read the Missing Service Fact Sheet and identified that you're eligible for a missing service review, you can apply to Coal LSL by completing an Application for Recognition of Eligible Service

To substantiate your application, you'll need to provide evidence to Coal LSL. For each period of employment that you'd like Coal LSL to consider, your evidence will need to demonstrate: 

  • employment with an employer in the black coal mining industry; 
  • employment duties that are directly connected to the day to day operation of a black coal mine; 
  • employment that occurred at or about a place where black coal is mined; and 
  • work status and regular hours worked (i.e. full time, part time or casual).

The type of evidence that can be provided is outlined in the application form.

Every application for eligibility is considered through a consistent and thorough process in accordance with the legislation.  The process can be lengthy and, at times, we may need to request further information from you to understand the duties performed.  This is critical to the assessment of an eligible employee as defined under the legislation. 

Once the eligibility assessment has been completed, all applicants are notified of the outcome of your application. 


For more information, please call us on 1300 852 625 between 8.30am and 5.00pm Monday to Friday (AEST) or email us