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Employers have a critical role in facilitating long service leave for eligible employees in black coal mining.

About the scheme

The long service leave scheme for black coal mining is one of the most generous of any industry schemes in Australia and is a valuable employment benefit for eligible employees within the industry.

It is governed by various legislation which determines who is eligible, employer obligations under the scheme and actions for non-compliance.

Legal obligations

Employers of eligible employees have legal obligations to ensure those employees can access their long service leave entitlements when eligible to do so. Non-compliance may result in civil and criminal penalties.

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Employers are required to report hours worked, and pay levies for, employees deemed eligible under the long service leave scheme, whether their organisation (as a whole) is working in the black coal mining industry or not. This is because eligibility for the scheme is determined by assessment of an employee’s role and their primary duties.

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Leave accrual and entitlement

The long service leave legislation determines how an eligible employee accrues leave, when an employee is entitled to take leave accrued, when an employee must be paid and the minimum they must be paid.

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Levy advices and payments

Employers of eligible employees are legally obligated to submit a monthly levy advice and payment to Coal LSL on behalf of eligible employees.

We provide a template with pop-up tips and a handy guide to assist you with this. You can contact us by phone or email for additional support. We can also provide training support for your office staff if required.

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