Employer portal user guide
Employer portal user guide

Manage Your Records

Section: Employee details

Employee Details

Search by individual employee to view personal details and leave accrual.

Section: Employer details

Employer Details

Edit information such as the main contact details, main email, phone number and street/postal addresses.

Section: Employer contacts

Employer Contacts

This section lists all additional authorised contacts and can be edited, added to or deleted.

Section: Secure site users

Secure Site Users

Main contacts can grant and remove access to the portal for other administrators. They can also maintain their contact details here. Employers are required to update this information as changes occur, e.g. when an administrator leaves the organisation or no longer requires access, for data privacy and security purposes.

Section: Leave entitlements

Leave Entitlements

You can run an entitlement report for all your active employees. A report can be generated for individual employees by using Account ID, not LSL number; the data syncs overnight and is sent to you the next business day.

Section: Employee leave application

Employee Leave Application

You can download the relevant leave application form for your employee from this section, together with the associated How To guide. Leave applications can also be emailed to Coal LSL from this screen.

Section: Outstanding leave applications

Outstanding Leave Applications

You can generate a report of all processed leave applications which are yet to be submitted for reimbursement. The report is instantly generated.

Section: Reimbursements


From this screen you can request a report of claimed reimbursements for a certain period. We aim to provide your report within one business day from the date of submitting your request.

Section: Manage password

Manage Password

This is where you can reset your employer portal password.

Section: Manage security question

Manage Security Question

You can update your portal security question here; you will be required to enter your password as a security measure before a change can be applied.

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