Levy Loader
Levy Loader

Submitting a Levy Advice form

Section: Using the correct form

Using the correct form

The levies screen is where you will submit your Levy Advice form each month.

Only the Levy Loader Levy Advice form can be used to submit levies on the platform. You can download it from the Coal LSL website, or on the Levy Loader active levies screen once logged in.

We make periodic improvements to the form to ensure it contains all the information we require and remains in the format needed in order for our systems to read and process the file. This is why Levy Loader users are required to download the form each month rather than using copies of previous forms submitted.

When you upload your form, Levy Loader validates your data, and provides information about any errors or checks you need to resolve before it can be submitted to Coal LSL for processing.

Note that Levy Loader can only support your completed Levy Advice form in Microsoft Excel format (.xlsx).

Section: Upload


Levy Loader first inspects your uploaded file to ensure the correct form is being used, and that it’s been uploaded to the relevant levy case (the date and year reported on the Levy Advice form must correspond to the Levy case it’s uploaded to).

If no errors are returned, Levy Loader will proceed to upload your form data to the platform.

Section: Validation


The uploaded data will then be validated. The validation process can occur over two stages: data errors and data checks.

  1. Data errors will require you to update your form and re-upload it to be validated again. Note that you will be provided with helpful information so you can easily identify and correct these errors on your form.

  2. Data checks will require you to either update your form or provide further details directly within the platform. You will be provided with all the information you need to action either of these requirements. All data checks (rows) must be cleared before your data can be validated again. If you choose to update your form to resolve data checks, ticking the ‘I will update my Levy Advice form’ box will enable you to proceed with the re-upload of your updated form (once all rows are cleared). Providing further details directly within the platform for each row will clear the corresponding data check and enable you to proceed with validation again. You will have the option to review all cleared checks before submitting your data for further validation.

Once all validations are complete, you will be able to submit your form to Coal LSL for processing.

Payments are required monthly via direct electronic funds transfer into the Fund; account details are provided on the form.

Section: Rejection of levy submission

Rejection of levy submission

Coal LSL may reject your Levy submission if it cannot be processed by Levy Loader because of data issues, or if the additional information provided during the validation process is insufficient to process it.

A member of our team would be it touch you via the platform’s case messages should one of your levy submissions be rejected.