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Levy Loader

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Section: Levies screen

Levies screen

Standard levies refers to the submission of a Levy Advice form that is due, over-due, in validation, submitted or accepted.

Reporting is required monthly, on or before the 28th of each month for the previous month. The Standard levies screen is where you will submit your Levy Advice form each month.

Only the Levy Loader Levy Advice form can be used to submit levies on the platform. You can download it from the Coal LSL website, or on the Levy Loader active levies screen once logged in.

Each monthly submission will create a levy case in Levy Loader. The reporting due date is visible within each levy case, including the number of days for which a submission is overdue, if applicable.

Coal LSL assigns a unique case number to each levy case. This number can be used when communicating with Coal LSL.

You can easily track the processing stage of a levy case by referring to its status bar. The status bar indicates whether the levy case is due or overdue, in validation, submitted, or accepted.

You can contact Coal LSL with levy enquiries from the levies screen by using the Case Messages. Case messages are specific to each levy case; messages sent within a levy case should be related to that case only.

Section: Closed levies screen

Closed levies screen

Closed levies refers to the submission of a Levy Advice form that has been accepted and closed by Coal LSL.

Use the closed levies screen to find information on past levy cases: levy case month, year, due date and submission date or levy amount paid. You can also view and download all previous Levy Advice forms submitted.

A read-only view of all closed levy cases is also available from that screen. Any previous case correspondence and files can be viewed by accessing each case link.

Section: Current employees screen

Current employees screen

Current employees refers to all the employees currently employed by your organisation. There is a search functionality so you can easily find an employee’s record.

The employee details listed on this screen correspond to Coal LSL’s records. You must advise us if there are any discrepancies between the employee details listed on this screen and your records. Discrepancies will be validated by requesting government-issued photo IDs.

Section: Account details screen

Account details screen

Account details displays the business information of your organisation.

You cannot modify your account details from Levy Loader. Please contact Coal LSL to update your account details.

Section: Managing entities

Managing entities

If you are managing multiple entities, you can use the drop-down box located below the main menu to switch between entities them; the same navigation screens will apply across all the entities you have access to.

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