Section: Levy Loader notifications

Levy Loader notifications

To ensure you don’t miss important information, Levy Loader may send you email and in-platform notifications. It is important to read and action these notifications so you don’t have any outstanding tasks preventing your monthly levy submission. Note that notifications cannot be disabled.

Section: Case messages

Case messages

You can contact Coal LSL with levy enquiries from the active levies screen by using the case messages. Case messages are specific to each levy case; messages sent within a levy case should be related to that case only.

Section: Support cases

Support cases

For any platform or support enquiry not related to Levy reporting such as system errors, login or access issues, please use the Support case button located next to the company drop-down box (below the main menu).

Section: General levy support

General levy support

Please refer to the Levy advices and payments section of our website if you are looking for general levy support, including on how to complete a Levy Advice Form.

Section: Video tutorial

Video tutorial

(Use the corner arrows in the video play bar to expand the video and enter full screen.)

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