Users and authorised contacts

Section: Managing users

Managing users

Only those granted with Levy Loader admin access can create and manage users for their organisation. Admins are typically the Primary Contact of an organisation.

There can be up to 8 Levy Loader users per organisation, including the admin user (additional users may be created upon request).

Admins can go to the Levy Loader account details screen to add users. If you have access to multiple entities, ensure you are currently browsing within the one you wish to make add users to. Use the drop-down box located below the main menu to switch between entities.

Note that a same email address cannot be used to sign up multiple users on Levy Loader.

Section: Authorised contacts

Authorised contacts

Levy Loader users replace the authorised contacts we have on file for an organisation. For that reason, Levy Loader users should include everyone that must be appointed as a contact that can liaise with Coal LSL about long service leave matters, and not be restricted to those who are actively administering levy information.

Primary Contacts must manage their organisation’s authorised contacts via Levy Loader once they have access; submitting changes by filling an Update Contact Details Form or via the Employer Portal is no longer be necessary.

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