Online Services
Online Services

Navigating the platform

Section: Current employees screen

Current employees screen

Current employees refers to all the employees currently employed by your organisation. Search by individual employee to view personal details and leave balance estimates.

The employee details listed on this screen correspond to Coal LSL’s records. You must advise us if there are any discrepancies between the details listed on this screen and your records. Discrepancies will be corrected through the provision of government-issued photo IDs.

Section: Reports


The Leave Approved report shows all approved leave applications, including those for which a reimbursement claim has been submitted.

Section: Correspondence


This section lists correspondence between your organisation and Coal LSL for Leave Reimbursement Advice and Leave Application Confirmation. If you require a record of other correspondence, please contact us using case messages.

Section: Account details screen

Account details screen

Account details displays the business information of your organisation such as the business phone number and street or postal address.

You cannot modify your account details in Online Services. Please contact Coal LSL to update them.

Section: Managing entities

Managing entities

If you are managing multiple entities, you can use the drop-down box located below the main menu to switch between entities them; the same navigation screens will apply across all the entities you have access to.