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Employer brochure

Levy payments and reimbursements

Section: Pay levies

Levy payments

Levy payments are required monthly, according to your calculations using the Coal LSL Levy Advice Form.

Payment is required via direct electronic funds transfer into the Fund; account details are provided on the form.

Section: Claim reimbursement

Claiming reimbursement

Before claiming reimbursement for a long service leave payment made to an employee, you need to have received remittance information from Coal LSL for an approved leave form; this information is required for your corresponding reimbursement application. See leave application information.

The process for claiming reimbursement for long service leave payments is:

  1. Employer pays employee for their long service leave entitlement.
  2. Employer submits an Application for Reimbursement form to Coal LSL.
  3. Coal LSL releases payment from the fund to reimburse the employer for the employee’s leave entitlement.

After receiving your form, it takes approximately five business days to process and reimburse funds to your nominated account.

The Administration Act details how Coal LSL reimburses employers for authorised long service leave entitlements that they have paid to their eligible employees. Reimbursements are issued under a pooled arrangement.

Claiming a refund

If you have overpaid levies we will refund you. Complete the Refund Request form to claim a refund from the Fund.

Please note that this process can be lengthy due to a range of variables; therefore, we are unable to provide a timeframe for processing refunds. However, be assured that we are committed to processing each refund in a timely manner.

Section: Claim a refund

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