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Amendment to Leave Application

Section: Amendment process

This form is to be completed when an approved leave application form needs amending. The leave application can be at either the approved or reimbursed stage.

Reasons for amending a leave application:

  • Change to cessation date.
  • Change to cessation code.
  • Changes to casual or part-time hours, Leave Without Pay (LWOP), workers compensation (WCOMP) - note: Employees cannot be on LWOP or WCOMP while on long service leave.
  • Changes to the employee’s roster affecting the hours originally requested.
  • Advice of public holidays during the period of leave requested.
  • Extension to the leave period requested.

If you are amending a leave application that has already been reimbursed:

  • All funds paid related to the original application will need to be returned to Coal LSL, unless otherwise advised.
  • Once the application has been amended, you will receive a new Leave Authorisation Number reflecting the amendment - then a new claim for reimbursement is required.

Note: when completing the form electronically, ensure full functionality of fillable fields by downloading the form to your computer before completing it.

Amendment to Leave Application
Section: Preliminary information

Preliminary information

  • Obtain the Leave Authorisation Number from the confirmation document. It’s also accessible from the Correspondence section of Online Services.
  • Please ensure you choose the type of application you’re amending (Cessation or In-service).
Section: Section 1

Section 1: Employer and Employee Details

  • This section is mandatory.
  • State your company name and Coal LSL issued Employer ID number.
  • Confirm who the application relates to by providing the employee’s name, Coal LSL issued LSL Number and date of birth.
Section: Section 2

Section 2: Cessation Application

Only complete this section when amending a Cessation Application form.

State the original application details and confirm whether your employee claimed a total entitlement or a specific number of hours. In the Amended Details section, state the amendments required.

Note: You cannot claim more hours or an increase in reimbursement without a further application made by the employee.

Section: Section 3

Section 3: In-service Application

Only complete this section when amending an In-service Application form.

This section can be used to:

  • correct administration errors on the original application
  • extend an employee’s leave
  • when changes occur to your employee’s roster during the period of leave requested.
Section: Section 4

Section 4: Reimbursement

If your organisation has already been reimbursed for the original leave period, state the amount of funds paid for the original claim. If you have not been reimbursed yet, leave this blank.

This information will be used to check the amount your organisation may need to return to Coal LSL.

Once the application has been amended, you can then submit a new Claim for Reimbursement.

Section: Submit an application

Submitting your form

All forms need to be submitted via Online Services in the supplied Adobe Acrobat PDF format (.pdf). View our support page for further instructions on how to submit your leave application online.

For questions, please call 1300 852 625 from Monday to Friday between 8.30am and 5.00pm (AEST/AEDT when in operation).

Section: Checklist
You have obtained the Leave Authorisation number from the confirmation document (accessible from the Correspondence section in Online Services).
Correct section is completed for application type (cessation or in-service), you do not need to complete both of these sections.
Reimbursed amount is stated if you have been paid by Coal LSL.
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