Investment Managers

Coal LSL has contracted the following investment managers (for the 2015-16 reporting period) to invest the Fund's assets, consistent with its investment policy and strategy.


Asset class

AMP Capital Unlisted Property
AMP Capital Global Listed Property
Artisan Overseas (Ex. Aust.) Emerging Market Equities
Bridgewater Risk Parity
Brigade Multi-Strategy Alternative Credit
Hyperion Australian Equities
JP Morgan Cash Account Cash
K2 Advisors Hedge Fund
Lazard Australia Australian Equities
Macquarie Funds Group Australian Equities
MFS Overseas (Ex. Aust.) Emerging Market Equities
Palisade Unlisted Infrastructure
PIMCO Overseas (Ex. Aust.) Bonds
QIC Australian Inflation Linked Bonds
QIC Australian Fixed Interest
Schroders Overseas (Ex. Aust.) Bonds
State Street Global Advisors Overseas (Ex. Aust.) Equities
Stone Harbor Emerging Markets
Vanguard Asset Management Overseas (Ex. Aust.) Equities

The investment policy's broad objective is to achieve a return of CPI + 3% over a rolling eight year period.

Setting an investment strategy consistent with this policy is determined by the Board with the 
assistance of an asset consultant - Willis Towers Watson.

The following returns have been achieved in the last five years (ending 30 June).
2016 2015 2014 2013 2012
3.40% 7.28% 13.13% 14.81% 4.35%