4th October 2023
4th October 2023

Everything in one place in Online Services

At Coal LSL, we are expanding Online Services to provide you with a convenient and secure way to submit, track and review the progress of your submissions.

With this in mind, we are pleased to announce that all forms are now available in Online Services.

Effective from today, Wednesday 4 October, all forms are to be submitted via Online Services using our streamlined process.

These changes make it easier for you to manage your submissions and helps to protect the sensitive data you provide by keeping it safe and secure within our platform.

It is important to note that we no longer accept email submissions of forms.

All in one place online

All your transactions with us are now available in Online Services. You can submit your forms online, track the progress of your submissions and use our messaging system to interact with us.

Online Services is where you submit all your:

  • levy returns
  • claims for reimbursement
  • leave applications
  • levy adjustments
  • refund requests.

We have also reduced the information you are required to enter on the forms, making your submission process quick and easy. You can download the forms from Online Services or the Employer Resources section of this website.

All forms are now to be submitted via Online Services, as we no longer accept email submissions.

Online Services access

To submit a form online, you will need to be a registered user of Online Services with your access set up. This is easy to set up and is done by your account manager.

Account managers should ensure their team have access and can refer to managing user access for more information.

Online Services - Everything in One Place

Additional support for you

To assist you with the new online submission process, we have created a library of resources to ensure you are equipped with the information you need.

  • Check with your account manager that your access has been set up
  • Read our new Guides explaining how to complete the forms, there is a guide for each form to assist you with the processes
  • Review steps for submitting a levy adjustment, refund request, or leave application before your first online submission
  • Download the new forms from Online Services, simply choose a function from the main menu – it is important you use the latest version each time
  • Find out more about Online Services, managing your account and navigating the platform in our new Online Services FAQs

Here for you

If you need help with the new online submission processes, please call your Employer Relations Manager, or our general enquiries team on 1300 852 625, or email us.