5th August 2020
Latest Q&A topics
5th August 2020
Latest Q&A topics

Latest Q&A topics

Understanding the kind of topics employees ask us about can equip HR and payroll teams with knowledge for speedier processing of enquiries and leave applications.

How do I update my surname following marriage?

We require evidence of a name change to update records. Employees can email a copy of their marriage certificate – or other government-issued Change of Name document if there is a name change for other reasons – as soon as practical after the change has occurred. They should also include a copy of other formal documentation, such as a passport or driver licence, for record validation.

I've been working in the coal industry for a little while and would like to register for Coal LSL – how do I that?

Employees do not register themselves for long service leave; rather, it is their employer’s responsibility to identify when a new employee is eligible to accrue long service leave then report their eligibility and hours to Coal LSL via the monthly Levy Advice form. This triggers the leave accrual process and management of the employee’s record by Coal LSL. Most interaction about long service leave is transacted through the employer. However, employees can check if their employer is registered with Coal LSL through our online search. If their employer is registered, they should speak with their employer’s payroll or HR office in the first instance. If their employer is not registered and they think they should be accruing leave then we can make enquiries with the employer on their behalf.

My service history is missing some of my work in the black coal mining industry. How can I have this added to my record?

Your employer may not have been aware of their obligation to contribute towards long service leave at the time. The quickest way to resolve this is by talking with your employer/past employer. If you are unsuccessful in your conversations with them, contact us direct and we can provide you with information about applying for a Missing Service Review.

Can LSL benefits be paid out on a pro rata basis to employees who are leaving the industry with less than 8 years’ experience in it?

Early access is only available as prescribed by the legislation. The legislation prescribes who can access entitlements and when they can be accessed. Briefly, eligible employees must complete 8 years of qualifying service to access their benefit, the only exceptions to this timeframe being for redundancy (minimum 6 years), retirement (minimum age 60), ill health or incapacity. Unfortunately, the legislation does not provide for early access to long service leave benefits beyond the prescribed situations. You can also refer to the legislation if you’d like more detail.

Why does my leave application have to go through my employer? You hold my balance, don’t you pay it?

Your current employer, or most recent employer if you have left the industry, will make payment to you. Coal LSL is not privy to any personal information like your rate of pay, your payment cycle or your bank details. Once your employer has made payment, they can seek reimbursement from Coal LSL.

Please see our FAQs for other questions you or your employees may have and you’re always welcome to contact us with specific enquiries, too.

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