18th June 2019
18th June 2019

New Adjustment Levy Advice form

Following feedback from employer groups, we’ve introduced an Adjustment Levy Advice form which aims to help your team submit any adjustments quickly.

It has similar functionality to the standard Levy Advice form with some variations to data entry requirements. Key points for using the form:

  • To ensure correct details are submitted, the form requires completion of the original details that were submitted on the standard monthly levy, as well as the correct/changed details so it’s clear what the difference is and why the adjustment is being submitted.
  • A reason for each adjustment must be provided.
  • The form calculates over/under payments. Any positive amounts will need to be paid, while negative amounts will be automatically refunded.

We recognise that some employers may need time to transition to this change so we’ll continue to accept adjustment levies by the current method up until the end of August 2019. After this time, adjustments submitted using the old method will be returned for resubmission on the new form.