18th October 2021
2021 Client Satisfaction Survey Results
18th October 2021
2021 Client Satisfaction Survey Results

2021 Client Satisfaction Survey Results

We continually strive to refine our services and meet your needs, but there is nothing like hearing how we are doing from you. We received over 5,000 survey responses and can now share our learnings with you.

Employees rated their overall satisfaction with Coal LSL at 78 out of 100 and employers at 74 out of 100.

The survey results informed us that you find our team knowledgeable and easy to reach; we are delighted you think we provide great support. You also told us that improvements made since our last formal survey in 2017 are noticeable and make it easier to do business with us.

But you also told us there are areas where our services need to improve.

You flagged the need for clearer and more accessible processes, with online services being your preference. Whether you are an employee or employer, you want the ability to easily access long service leave information and effortlessly submit forms and applications.

And we are working on it.

In September we began enrolling employers onto Levy Loader, our web-based platform that enables online upload, validation and submission of monthly Levy Advice forms. It streamlines levy processing for employers and significantly impacts the processing time of a levy return. The benefits also extend to eligible employees: when provided with accurate and timely levy information, we can ensure employees' entitlements are maintained efficiently.

While still at planning stage, we intend to go beyond the online submission of levies and digitalise other key transactions to provide you with user-friendly self-service options and simple ways to transact with us.

Our work also continues to make processes clearer and more accessible through:

  • Recent website improvements that provide better guidance on how to complete a Levy Advice form and use Levy Loader
  • Recent changes to the Adjustment Levy Advice form and the way employers claim refunds from adjustments to improve transparency and traceability of transactions and, in time, enable faster processing of refunds
  • Expanding our team to enhance client services, respond to enquiries rapidly and advance our digital capabilities.

Thank you again for your valuable time and sincere feedback. It allows us to implement worthwhile improvements and make the right decisions to better serve you.