9th April 2020
9th April 2020

Employers: save time by using the correct Levy Advice form

When employers don't use the current authorised Levy Advice form, it restricts our ability to process the levy and delays recording of employee entitlements.

In January 2019 we introduced a new Levy Advice form with in-built calculations to help employers with fulfilling their levy reporting obligations.

Unfortunately, we still have a significant number of employers who are not using the current authorised form, which restricts our ability to process the levy and delays recording of employee entitlements.

We really do want to save you the time and inconvenience of having to resubmit a monthly Levy Advice.

The authorised Levy Advice form makes it easier for employers to report more accurately. We also make periodic improvements to it to ensure it contains all information we require and remains in the format needed in order for our systems to read and process the file.

This is why employers are required to download the form each month from our website, rather than using copies of previous forms submitted, and why we will not accept advices submitted in any other file format.

All forms will be returned for resubmission if they are not on the correct form.

Please save yourself the time and inconvenience of having to redo your reporting by downloading the authorised Levy Advice form each month. A copy is provided below. It is also available from the Employer Resources section of our website.

Here are some tips to help you submit a processable form:

  • Be sure to click the 'Enable Editing' and 'Enable Content' buttons in the banner at the top of the form when you first download it.
  • Don’t add, remove or amend any of the calculations or formulas that are embedded in the approved form.
  • Enter in all relevant details under the 'Employer Details' and 'Authorised Officer' sections.
  • Review all details entered under the 'Entrants', 'Exits', ‘Leave’ and 'Employee Details' sections to ensure they are true and accurate, to avoid processing delays.
  • Ensure that the tick box next to the field 'I certify that the details shown below are correct for each of the eligible employees listed' is ticked.

Our helpful guide, How to Complete a Levy Advice Form, is also available to assist with completing the form.

You’re welcome to contact us with further questions if required.

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