Who is Coal LSL?

We connect employers and employees with long service leave for the good of Australia’s black coal mining industry.

Our Story

Midway through last century retention of workers in the black coal industry was a challenge. Portable long service leave was identified as an important requirement to retain skills and support industry longevity. The coal mining industry award was changed to reflect this.

Coal LSL is the Australian Government corporation established to regulate and manage long service leave entitlements on behalf of employees and employers. We manage one of the most generous long service leave programs in Australia.



Coal LSL is an Australian Government corporation established under the Coal Mining Industry (Long Service Leave) Administration Act 1992 to regulate and manage long service leave entitlements on behalf of eligible employees in the black coal mining industry.

It is a corporate Commonwealth entity for the purpose of the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013 (Cth).

In addition to legislation, Coal LSL is governed by a range of internal policies approved by the Board of Directors.

Operational management


Coal LSL's investment policy has a broad objective of achieving a return of CPI + 3% over a rolling eight-year period. Setting an investment strategy consistent with this policy is determined by the Board with the assistance of Asset Consultant Frontier.

Our aim is to protect those assets through the highs and lows of the investment markets, ensuring funds are accessible when employees are entitled to take their long service leave.

Our investment strategy has achieved the following returns during the last five years (ending 30 June).

Coal LSL has appointed a range of investment managers to invest the Fund's assets, consistent with its investment policy and strategy.

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At Coal LSL we offer a positive, friendly organisational culture with a genuine focus on supporting our clients. There is a range of employee benefits, some of which are listed here.

Our story.

You'll enjoy a range of employee benefits such as:
Professional and personal development opportunities.
Wellbeing focused workplace including sit-stand desks and access to showers, lockers and bike racks.
Extra leave days, including birthday leave.
Break out areas providing collaborative spaces.
Lunch room with indoor and outdoor access, coffee machine and fresh fruit provided weekly.