17th February 2022
17th February 2022

Coal LSL Independent Review

Enhancing certainty and fairness: Independent Review of the Coal Mining Industry (Long Service Leave Funding) Scheme


In June 2021 an independent review of Coal LSL’s framework was commissioned by the Minister for Industrial Relations, the Hon Michaelia Cash, to ensure the scheme’s ongoing success as a contemporary Government corporation serving the interests of the Australian black coal mining industry.

Managing and regulating portable long service leave entitlements for the black coal industry, Coal LSL faces a unique operating environment that has evolved considerably over its history in line with an industry now comprising employers of all sizes and a diverse, mobile workforce.

In this context, it is important Coal LSL’s framework is adapted to better support the contemporary coal mining industry and its workforce.


Led by KPMG Australia, the six principles set out by the Independent Review for the Coal LSL Scheme were: certainty, fairness, transparency, accountability, fit-for-purpose and portability.

The review drew on a range of sources, including consultation with stakeholders on specific issues.

Read the Terms of Reference.


The independent review provided an opportunity for all interested groups to share their experiences and views on the future direction of the Coal LSL Scheme.

Importantly, this included consultation with employers and employees who have had direct interactions with the Coal LSL Scheme.

Release of the review

The review was released on 16 February 2022.

The independent review found that, for the large majority of employees engaged in permanent positions in the black coal mining industry, the Coal LSL Scheme meets its fundamental objective by connecting eligible employees with their portable LSL entitlement.

The review also identified that the Scheme has areas for improvement and made 20 recommendations.

Read the KPMG report.

Government response

The Government released its response to the review on 16 February 2022:

  • It has supported all 10 recommendations directed to it, and
  • It will support Coal LSL to implement the remaining operational recommendations that will make it easier for employees and employers to understand and comply with the Scheme.

Read the Government's response.

Coal LSL welcomes the Government's response.