Service Review
Service Review


Section: MSR evidence overview

Evidence overview

As part of your application, include documentation relevant to your employment and from the period in which you were employed.

Supply as much evidence as you can to support your claim and establish that you are an eligible employee, including:

  • WHO – Who were you employed by?
  • WHAT – What were your duties while employed?
  • WHEN – When were you employed?
  • WHERE – Where did you work while doing your duties?
  • WHY/HOW – Why were you doing the work? How did it contribute to the mine’s operation?
Section: Types of evidence

Types of evidence

Your evidence will likely include a range of documents relevant to your employment, for example:

  • detailed timesheets or logbooks
  • employment confirmation letters from employers
  • employment contracts
  • letters (signed and on letterhead) from the mine site(s)
  • letters of appointment and/or termination
  • mine site induction records
  • pay slips
  • position descriptions
  • separation certificates
  • site log-on reports (i.e. Pegasus, Damstra or TAMS)
  • Statutory Declarations from your colleagues or supervisors
  • taxation records
  • work orders.

If your evidence contains your Tax File Number (TFN) information, please remove it before submitting your application.

Along with your evidence, a Commonwealth Statutory Declaration can provide additional details which are not contained in any other form of evidence.

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