19th April 2021
19th April 2021

Client Satisfaction Survey

Coal LSL is conducting an online client satisfaction survey, which will guide investment of time and funds into future service improvements.

We have commissioned Ipsos Australia, an independent research company, to collect client feedback on our behalf. The survey will be carried out from 27 April to 18 May, involving a cross-section of our employer and employee segments.

We don't just collect information, we act on it. This is demonstrated in recent feedback from an auditor of organisations working in black coal. They noticed our service had improved a lot during the last few years, saying that we ‘have become so much easier to deal with’. They thought there'd been legislative change to affect this improvement. In fact, the cause is our commitment to providing a better experience to all of our stakeholders.

Here are some examples of improvements and developments we’re working on as a result of client feedback during the last two years:

  • Increasing our human resources for handling client enquiries and processing tasks
  • Providing a dedicated team for employer support
  • Progression towards our digital transformation with improved forms and online levy processing rollout anticipated late 2021
  • Clearer and more accessible information through our website upgrade
  • Enhanced options for connecting with us
  • Faster processing of service reviews.

Survey Q&A

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