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The long service leave scheme in Australia's black coal mining industry is nationally portable, accommodating employee movements even interstate. It’s accessible after eight years of qualifying service.


Eligibility for the black coal mining industry long service leave scheme is determined by assessment of an employee’s role and their primary duties.

All people defined as eligible employees working for a national system employer in the black coal mining industry are eligible for the scheme, including those:

  • Working full-time, part-time or casual
  • Working for contractors
  • Working for job agencies.

Detailed information is available in the Coal Mining Industry (Long Service Leave) Administration Act 1992.

Under the Act you are considered an eligible employee if you are:
Employed in the black coal mining industry by an employer engaged in the black coal mining industry, whose duties are directly connected with the day to day operation of a black coal mine; or
Employed in the black coal mining industry, whose duties are carried out at or about a place where black coal is mined and are directly connected with the day to day operation of a black coal mine; or
Permanently employed with a mine rescue service for the purposes of the black coal mining industry; or
A prescribed person who is employed in the black coal mining industry (does not include a person declared by the regulations not to be an eligible employee for the purposes of the Act).


To be entitled to take long service leave, you must complete 8 years of qualifying service as an eligible employee for a national system employer.

There are exceptions to this when you cease to be an ‘eligible employee’ due to redundancy, ill health or retirement.

Is my employer registered?

In order to administer your long service leave accrual, your employer must be registered with Coal LSL. We maintain the record of your qualifying service and facilitate access to your accrued long service leave hours through your employer.

Is my employer registered?

Your leave balance

There are several ways to check your leave balance:

Already have an account?

If you already have access to the Coal LSL self-service portal, log in to view your current total. Note: balances can be temporarily unavailable while we process recent levy advices from employers. If this is the case when you log in, you can phone us for your balance instead.

Request my leave balance

By electing email as a method of correspondence, you agree to receive a selection of Coal LSL correspondence by email which may contain personal and sensitive information held on your record e.g. name, address or leave balance.

Missing service review

Missing service is any service you have worked as an eligible employee which is not reflected in your Statement of Service held by Coal LSL.

If you think your service history record is missing periods of qualifying service, you can apply to have this investigated by Coal LSL.

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