Levy advices and payments
Levy advices and payments

Levy reporting and payment

Section: Levy advices

Levy advices

Employers are required to report, and pay levies, monthly. These are due on or before the 28th of each month for the previous month.

The current levy rate is 2.7% of an employee’s eligible wages. Employers of eligible employees must use the Levy Advice form with the correct levy rate calculation.

What makes up each employee’s eligible wages, and a definition of eligible wages, is defined in section 3B of the Coal Mining Industry (Long Service Leave) Payroll Levy Collection Act 1992.

Employers are required to report on, and pay levies for, all hours worked for part-time and casual employees.

Find out more about the Levy Advice form and how our Online Services help with the upload.

Note: A new Levy Advice form will take effect from 1 January 2024. Find out more about the changes and the requirements for employers.

Log-in to the employer Online Services to submit your levy return.

Section: Levy payments

Levy payments

Levy payments are required monthly, according to your calculations using the Coal LSL Levy Advice Form.

Payment is required via direct electronic funds transfer into the Fund; account details are provided on the form.

Section: Adjustment levies

Adjustment levies

If you discover an error in a previous Levy Advice form, you need to submit an Adjustment Levy Advice. If there has been overpayment of levies, we will refund you. If underpayment, you will need to pay the difference into the Fund.

Use the Adjustment Levy Advice form to submit your amendments. Use the Refund Request form to claim a refund for overpaid levies. Note that a refund amount does not offset amounts owed in standard levies or adjustment levies. Refer to the useful guide How to complete an Adjustment Levy Advice form for assistance.

Section: Claim a refund

Claiming a refund

If you have overpaid levies we will refund you. Complete the Refund Request form to claim a refund from the Fund.

Please note that this process can be lengthy due to a range of variables; therefore, we are unable to provide a timeframe for processing refunds. However, be assured that we are committed to processing each refund in a timely manner.

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